BulletSafe Ultralight III SA Plate

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The BulletSafe Ultralight Ballistic Plate offers NIJ 0101.06 Level III protection at 3.3lbs. It is 11 7/8 inches tall, 10 inches across, and 1.0 inch in depth. It is curved to fit close to your body, and features a nylon cover that protects the plate from the sun and typical wear and tear. It will stop 6 steel jacketed rounds from a 7.62mm M80 with a mass of 9.6g and a velocity of 2780 ft/s. We should note that this plate stop rounds from ARs and AKs as well. This plate was certified alone as level III. We expect improved performance with a level IIIA vest behind it, but cannot say if it will pass the NIJ level IV certification. This plate is guaranteed to stop bullets as promised for five years. There is not enough research on the materials used to be 100% sure that the plate will continue to stop bullets after that period of time. For this reason, the plate has a useful life of 5 years.



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